Mistaken For ADHD


Are you frustrated with your child’s behavior?

Have you been getting those notes… you know, the ones about not paying attention or disrupting the class…from teachers?

Is your child’s behavior problem causing stress in your family with your spouse, other kids or friends?

Is your ADHD child not getting better on one, two or even three drugs or counseling or behavioral therapy?



Would you like to get your life back?

Improve your child’s failing grades?

Save your marriage?

Change your child’s behavior for the better?

If your answers to these questions are: yes, yes, yes and yes; you should know…

There is a light at the end of that long dark tunnel!

There is hope that you can get the help you need to improve things in just a few weeks or maybe even faster.

Sure, you could search the internet for hours every day, for maybe a month or so, and find everything you need to get your answers…or

You can find them all in one place….

In Mistaken for ADHD, Dr. Frank Barnhill outlines:

·        What is and is not ADHD behavior

·        How the real diagnosis of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is supposed to be made

·        Over 52 things that can act just like, look just like and mimic ADHD

·        How to diagnose the things that can create confusion in making the diagnosis of ADHD

·        How to properly treat those things that might mimic ADHD causing misdiagnosis of ADHD.

You might just cure your ADHD child’s behavior problem by discovering what is really causing it!

What do you get in a copy of Mistaken for ADHD?

·       Answers to questions about the many social, medical and psychological disorders that may cause behavior problems

·       Suggestions about ways to effectively treat misbehavior

·       Real life stories of children and adults who were misdiagnosed with ADHD and how their problem was detected and treated

Invest in your child’s future today…

You can purchase your copy of Mistaken for ADHD now. (Make these words a link to our Amazon Acct and please be sure it works all the way through even if we have to buy a copy to prove it).

Thanks for helping your ADHD child.

Frank Barnhill, MD



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What others are saying about "Mistaken for ADHD"

I am so grateful to Dr. Frank Barnhill (aka "Dr. Huggie Bear") for writing MISTAKEN FOR ADHD. Far too many children are labeled with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and put on risky prescription medications to supposedly "fix" this problem. Unfortunately, these kids do NOT have a drug deficiency but rather a nutritional one that Dr. Barnhill helps parents figure out. Sometimes increasing things like Vitamin D levels, improving sleep, and feeding kids a proper diet that cuts down on blood sugar spikes to normalize blood glucose is all it takes to make changes come about. Yes, just taking a pill is a faster way to see behavioral improvements. But aren't those who will comprise the next generation worth the effort to invest in them the time and energy to implement effective strategies for bringing about change in their lives without subjecting them to the risks of taking a pharmaceutical? Of course they are. Plus, your child doesn't deserve being slapped with a label of ADHD that will stigmatize them for the rest of their lives. GET THIS BOOK and read why Dr. Barnhill is so passionate about this subject. – Jimmy Moore

If you're a parent whose child is diagnosed or being assessed for ADHD, you need this remarkable book. Dr. Barnhill outlines nearly 50 conditions which mimic ADHD, and you need to know just how easy it is to have your child wrongly labeled.
Dr. Barnhill has ADHD, and completely understands the condition and all its ramifications, so you'll benefit from his personal and medical advice.
Some of the conditions that can be mistaken for ADHD are: sleep apnea, poor grades, reading problems, anemia, thyroid disorders and depression.
Read the book to make sure your child does not have ADHD. My son was misdiagnosed and I wish I'd had this book to guide me. -Pat Wyman

Often asked to treat children's ADHD because their medication isn't working, Frank Barnhill, MD has learned that in far too many cases the child doesn't have ADHD at all, but one of over forty other "zebras" that are can look just like it in the tall grass of a misdiagnosis crisis. Dr. Barnhill likens the many illnesses, diseases, and disorders for which children are mislabeled ADHD to zebras because, like a zebra hiding in tall grass, the true malady is often missed. The adverse effects of misdiagnosing a child in this way are astounding, not only because the "zebra" goes untreated, but especially when prescribed ADHD medication exacerbates the real disease. In some cases it can even be fatal.
Has ADHD become a fad diagnosis thanks to the media and pharmaceutical industry's hype? I think so. When a parent can't control a child, or when a teacher sees disruptive behavior in the classroom, the easy answer is, "This kid has ADHD. Put him on meds, and our problems will be solved."
Treating a child with ADHD medication may work wonders if that child actually has the disorder, but do not expose him or her to the many terrible side effects of those medications without being 100% sure. This book will tell you how to avoid a disruptive and possibly life-threatening diagnosis. The problem is that many doctors, not sufficiently trained in diagnosing ADHD, will make the assessment and prescribe medication in one visit, sometimes without even seeing the child. If that has happened to your child, STOP. Read this book! Learn all the pertinent information a doctor should have. Get a second opinion. Not until the "zebras" have been ruled out, can anyone be sure.
This book is thorough, easy to understand, well organized, enlightening, and hard to put down. I recommend that every parent, teacher, clinician, and counselor who works with children read this book. It is of vital importance. It can make the difference between a child's happiness and misery, between his future success and failure.  Janet Muirhead Hill, author of many middle-grade books