Using Kindle, I Pad, Nook may improve ADHD Teen’s Reading Grades

We discovered that using Kindle, I Pad, or Nook as reading-comprehension tools improved ADHD Teen’s language grades.

ADHD teens that use digital tablets for classroom assignments and homework develop better reading skills, better comprehension and improved grades.

Over the past year, we’ve followed about a dozen teenagers with ADHD who have successfully used digital readers, such as Nook, Kindle and I Pad to improve their language arts grades.

I thought this new approach to “treating ADHD with or without drugs” was so important, that I wrote a lengthy article about it “ADHD Teens Improve Reading Grades with Digital Tablets”. You can read the entire article and learn more on using this link:

My good friend Pat Wyman of has posted a shorter version which you can access at

I know many parents are frustrated with their ADHD child’s grades by this time of the year and are worried they may fail for the year if something isn’t done. Well, buying your ADHD teen a digital reading pad might end up being just what the doctor ordered. Let’s consider it an investment in your ADHD child’s academic future!

After all is said and done…If your ADHD teenager starts making good grades, you’ll have much less stress and frustration and just maybe…your family life will go back to normal.

Dr. Frank